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Yoga is a divine science.

The earliest archeological evidence for the practice of Yoga showed small figures of men in postures of Yogi meditation. This was discovered in a cave in the Indus Valley, dating back to at least 3000 BC.

The earliest literary evidence is found in references to the practice of Yoga in the Vedas, the oldest books in the world. Parts of the Vedas are held by scholars to have been composed in Northern India not later than 2500 B.C.

Tradition has it that Yoga existed and was handed down orally for thousands of years before that.


When I was a freshman in college, I began searching for an outlet for the stress. While I was majoring in Accounting at the University of Illinois, I began experiencing a great deal of stress. One sunny, summer day I noticed a group of students sitting on the grass. A Yoga teacher was doing a headstand and I will never forget what she said – “If you get into Yoga you will never be unhappy.” As a young man who had just arrived from rural Tennessee, I was awe struck and I asked myself the question. “How can anyone stand on their head?”

Shortly after that, there was a yoga demonstration at the University of Illinois Chicago Circle Campus. Dr. Azar, a Master Yoga Instructor and Chiropractor, was teaching, the Ancient Egyptian version of Yoga. Several of his students, dressed in black uniforms, accompanied him. Each assumed a different Yoga posture and held it – I had never seen anything like this before… it was absolutely amazing.

Soon I attended my first Yoga class. For the first time in my life, I experienced a natural high and felt stress-free. Playing, watching sports or any other entertainment had just never provided me with this feeling, of falling in love with an activity.

I became passionate about Yoga and considered it a gift from God. As I increased my daily practice – I began to know that I would always follow in the footsteps of Yogis and that I would never stop practicing the gift of Yoga.

That same year of my graduation, I was playing basketball in the Gym. I came down hard on my leg – but my knee did not bend to absorb the impact. Little did I know that it would take me 8 1/2 years to heal from that one small injury.

I began to practice Yoga 365 days a year and often as many as 3 times a day. I healed myself by using Tai Chi and Yoga poses and the 3-part Yoga Breathing and Meditation,

By undertaking this journey, I discovered what the Chinese had been doing for many generations. They used proper breathing, Yoga and Tai Chi practices as a system of preventative medicine. By practicing these three, one can totally eliminate illness from the body.

Personally, I have found that Yoga and Tai Chi are the cheapest healthcare system we can find. They do not require any medications or surgeries. In addition, 3-part Yoga breathing is a technique that includes the swallowing of air. Air aids healing and rejuvenation and it is believed to contain a good deal of healing properties when practiced correctly.

Combined, the practice of these systems give nature the best chance of using the body’s innate self-healing properties to restore our health and vitality.