Why Eyes Education is so important in digital age.

Eyes education so important in this digital age for the following three reason: Toxins chemical in eyes,Disease in eyes, Dirty eyes. Toxins that affect our eyes are a serious problem in America unfortunately we are usually unable to smell ,taste ,see or sense most of the toxin chemicals to which we are exposed on daily basis. Everyday we are exposed to thousand of toxins chemical and they are slowly accumulating in our bodies. Pollution, Ozone chemical,Smog it the air you breath from cars,Buses,Train and planes, pollution from water disposal, our eyes get itchy, red and watery. Yoga for your eyes teach one how to take care of our eyes and keep them in health and good condition; Even in a Toxic Environment

Disease of the eyes many of America are living with various kinds of disease in their eyes such as Cataract ,Glaucoma, Dry eyes, and so on ; Kids and adults are like glasses keep getting thicker and thicker. Many of us go to an Optometrist each year 2 to 3 times a year for various disease that affect our eyes. The Dr. gives us every medication for our eyes.But as we know our eyes are not getting any health or improving in any way.It time to look at alter Therapy . Yoga for your eyes is a Holistic way to take care of our eyes.These exercise teach one’s how to heal and strength the Muscles in the eyes and how to reduce stress around the eyes and improve one eyesight.

Dirty eyes have a lot to do with poor vision of the eyes. Our eyes are very full of toxins and Germs. However, we get up in the morning we take a showers or bath, on the other hand but we do not wash our eyes out; Also, many of us after work go to health club, Jogging, Bicycling, Yoga, Spinning and so on.But we do not wash our eyes out. we should wash our eyes out in Morning and evenings with Salt water ; Yoga for your eyes is Natural and Organic way of keep our eyes health and in good condition. In conclusion, Toxins eyes, Disease in eyes, Dirty eyes We have to be open to life style changes when come to our eyes. Yoga for your eyes offer Alterity Theraphy:Eye Education is keys yoga for your eyes is natural way to go to keep eyes health and in good condition. let us all be open to changes in our daily life.

Healing and Strengthening the eyes.

Healing and Strengthening the eyes.

How many of us know how to take care of  ours eyes and keep them health and in good condition in this digital age in which we now live? Three important things  one’s should know what cause defect eyes, Relaxing of eyes, Exercise of eyes. 

What causes defective eyes? Research has shown defective eyes are caused by bad habits of Staring; America has acquired the bad habits of Staring. Also, research has shown  that most of blindness among civilized people  are due to eye Strain and like of Mental relaxation. The problems of eye education cannot be solved simply putting glasses before the eyes of children.

Relaxation is a cure for most eye trouble. Staring, bright light, and Screen after long hours at the computer Blurs vision, disappering of words off Screen eyes are made uncomfortable; Yoga for your eyes teach one’s Palming, Shifting, Blinking and Stretching the muscles on the outside of the eyes Stimulation and Surround area. Yoga for your eyes teach one’s how to keep the eyes relaxed at all time.

We all need a plan of action of eye education to heal and Strengthening the eyes in this digital age. Kids Staring to see things video game and so on should remind us to blink often to keep the eyes at rest all time. To maintain health and good eyesight one’s should practice the eye exercise for 20 minutes daily or more  As a yogi practitioner yoga for your eyes over years to work with  Stroke clients, get shots in eyes, Glaucoma, Dry eyes, Cataract remove, Leaser surgeons and Diabetes, “so when you get tired stop what you are doing  and practice these exercise.

Until we meet again I master Issac the  Yogi! NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO, NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO, NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO!!!!!!!




A Breath’s Best Friend

photo_yogajournalcoverIssac Friend wants to teach the world to breathe easier. The proprietor of Chicago’s Folded Leaf School of Yoga, yoga therapist, and certified yoga instructor has spent 10 years studying tai chi and various forms of yoga, and throughout those years he has noticed one common thread—most people use only one-third or their lung capacity. His style, call Tai Chi Yoga, focuses on deep abdominal breathing—a teaching that has become somewhat of a calling for Friend. “Studying the chi is what allows me to heal people. I’ve discovered that yoga is a science and an art, but the science is in the breath.”

photo_issacronA by-product of his calling has been a development he calls the Tai Chi Yoga Bag, which he has patented. The idea came to him after practicing deep breathing with a telephone book over his abdomen, which allowed him to breathe deeper, relax, and pay attention to the movement of his abdomen. His invention expands on this idea: the weighted vest hangs over the neck and covers the lungs. Practicing asanas with the bag on expands the chest cavity, intercostal muscles, and lungs to develop the respiratory system and foster relaxation. “As we grow older, the intercostal muscles stiffen, the breastbone drops, and the chest compresses,” explains Friend. “The bag lifts the breastbone into place; then the diaphragm, thoracic, intercostals, and pectorals are all working correctly.” The bag isn’t just for yoga class; Friend says that even wearing the bag while sitting can be beneficial. “I only give back what God wants me to bring to the world,” he says. “The bag is already saving people’s lives.”

Yoga for Anxiety

One of the things I’ve learned from working with kids with anxiety is teaching the kids how to relax and learn the importance of being flexible. One’s body can learn to become flexible — It is the same way with your mind. It brings you in harmony with the universe.