Healing and Strengthening the eyes.

Healing and Strengthening the eyes.

How many of us know how to take care of  ours eyes and keep them health and in good condition in this digital age in which we now live? Three important things  one’s should know what cause defect eyes, Relaxing of eyes, Exercise of eyes. 

What causes defective eyes? Research has shown defective eyes are caused by bad habits of Staring; America has acquired the bad habits of Staring. Also, research has shown  that most of blindness among civilized people  are due to eye Strain and like of Mental relaxation. The problems of eye education cannot be solved simply putting glasses before the eyes of children.

Relaxation is a cure for most eye trouble. Staring, bright light, and Screen after long hours at the computer Blurs vision, disappering of words off Screen eyes are made uncomfortable; Yoga for your eyes teach one’s Palming, Shifting, Blinking and Stretching the muscles on the outside of the eyes Stimulation and Surround area. Yoga for your eyes teach one’s how to keep the eyes relaxed at all time.

We all need a plan of action of eye education to heal and Strengthening the eyes in this digital age. Kids Staring to see things video game and so on should remind us to blink often to keep the eyes at rest all time. To maintain health and good eyesight one’s should practice the eye exercise for 20 minutes daily or more  As a yogi practitioner yoga for your eyes over years to work with  Stroke clients, get shots in eyes, Glaucoma, Dry eyes, Cataract remove, Leaser surgeons and Diabetes, “so when you get tired stop what you are doing  and practice these exercise.

Until we meet again I master Issac the  Yogi! NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO, NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO, NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO!!!!!!!