Tai Chi Yoga has been a wonderful gift given to me: it helps me stay limber and avoid downtime from stiffness and injuries. I focus continuously on moving my body in healthier ways and its relaxing effects stay on long after class.

The value and health of Tai Chi Yoga and the Tai Chi Yoga Bag come to me daily as I consciously and unconsciously infuse the yoga breathing and postures into my movements around the workplace and at home.

Jim Grubman| Chicago, IL

My Yoga practice began about 2.5 years ago. I wanted to reduce my stress levels and increase my flexibility. I have been fortunate to use the Tai Chi Yoga Bag during this entire time. By adding the weight and resistance of a 8 lb. bag over my lungs, I find that I have more control of my breathe with a deeper, yet effortless, inhaling and exhaling. The capacity of my lungs is greater and more expanded. The bag also acts to ground my balancing postures and facilitates a fuller extension in my forward and backward bends. I feel that the key to a successful yoga practice is the breath. The beauty of the Tai Chi Yoga Bag is the way 3-part yoga breathing can be slowed down and made more rhythmic with its use. The bag is a tool to help me reach my fullest potential. Namaste.

Dr. Rita Sabaitis| Chicago, IL

I cannot give enough accolades to Issac Friend. He is a truly gifted yogi. I met him first during my pregnancy, he put together a special routine that led to my mind/body being calm, and a beautiful and peaceful delivery. In the years after my pregnancy, Issac has continued to teach me through yoga and healthy diet to live a healthier more balanced life. He teaches yoga soulfully and teaches you breathing, movement and also provides yoga therapy with special tools. Thank you Issac the yogi, your teaching has changed my life.

Nicole Jones, MD| Chicago, IL

Issac the Yogi is a masterful and patient teacher of aspects of physical fitness most critical to senior citizens. These include balance, concentration, stretching, aerobic conditioning, and weight-bearing muscle strengthening.

I have been his student for several years at a Chicago senior citizen’s center. His guidance has helped me both before and after knee replacement surgery.  I am lucky to have him as a teacher, respect his advice, and have encouraged others to join his classes. You can see how much he cares about the well-being of his students. His wonderful fitness program incorporates regular strength and aerobic training with elements of yoga and tai chi.

Tery Veras| Chicago, IL